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About Us

Founded in 2014 by Mr. Nilesh Sheliya and Mr. Nikunj Antala, Synodica Solution has positioned itself partner of choice in providing ERP solutions. In what started as a vision of simplifying ERP solutions, Synodica has now grown into a company with a loyal customer base and unique service models.

Transparency, integrity, inclusiveness and quality are the defining pillers of Synodica.

Our Values

Synodica solution is vision driven company


Aspire to be a partner of choice in providing ERP Solutions


Adopt current trends and anticipate future opportunities to stay relevant. Deliver quality services and extend commitment to build trust.Maintain cost effectiveness without sacrificing core values


Transparency Integrity, Inclusiveness, Excellence, Quality Centric


This model is most suitable when

  • Precise requirements are not available upfront
  • Project scope is unknown or implementation is spread over weeks, months or even years
  • Constant flow of tasks or enhancements but they are scattered in time and cannot be predicted in advance.
  • Frequent change requests during the development process
  • Need high levels of team flexibility and more direct control over the process

  • Most preferred business engagement model
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized projects
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized projects
  • Synodica and Client upfront agree on estimations and milestones
  • Any new feature / change request demands re-alignment of budget and timeframes

With this model, expert/s at Synodica will be full time deployed as virtual employee/s of the customer. The customer has full flexibility over planning and execution of tasks. Customers will be invoiced either weekly or monthly depending on terms agreed in advance.

We at Synodica pride ourselves on our strong support system that has enabled our customer base to remain happy and loyal. We offer a wide variety of customized support packages to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Our hard working team

Nilesh Sheliya


Nikunj Antala