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Odoo Support

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Support is what makes or breaks things. We understand what support means for you and your business. We at Synodica pride ourselves on our strong support system that has enabled our customer base to remain happy and loyal. We offer a wide variety of customized support packages to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Customer support requests typically take the following forms

Post-delivery Support

The real game begins after winning the toss. Once we have successfully deployed Odoo, customers can anytime request post-delivery support either to resolve any issues in the development process (free of charge!!) or to enhance the deployed system for improved effectiveness (extended support).

Synodica Post Delivery Support
Synodica Support as Service

Support as Service

Nothing is perfect in this world. Even Odoo's native framework or Odoo's third-party modules can sometimes lead to endless loops for customers.

Following are few instances, where customers can request our support as a service.

  • Bugs in integrated third party modules
  • Issues arising out of unintentional mishandling by users of the Odoo database
  • Conflicts across the various Odoo modules (frequently happens after integrating Third Party Odoo modules)
  • Minor bugs in Odoo’s native framework (although it happens very rarely !!)
  • Possible server crash / external attack (another extremely rare instance)

We at Synodica regularly record any flaw either in Odoo’s native framework or in popular community modules. Such a knowledge base helps our support team to quickly bring our customers out of any undesirable traps.

Product Support

We take great pride when customers feel added value when they purchase our products. Any module purchased by customers from our product catalogs immediately qualifies for our support.

Our product support team will ensure following.

  • Integration of product into the customer’s existing framework
  • Configuration of our product as per customer needs
  • Bringing our product in line with native Odoo modules

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