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For any business, investing in completely new infrastructure is quite strategic decisions. Synodica’s consulting service can help clients to make informed decisions before they decide really to invest or not.

We, at Synotica, follow a UNIQUE approach (!!) to offer you ERP consulting after analyzing your organization’s requirements and key objectives. It’s quite strategic to separate the consulting phase from the rest of the project. However, to enable customers to take external opinions, we remove any pre-occupation by separating the consulting phase from the rest of the project activities (e.g Implementation, Customisation etc...)

UNIQUE is a consulting framework at Synaodica which clearly identifies “What happens during each phase of consulting ?” and “What to expect next ?”


Everything is actionable once it’s understood. We consider this as the most crucial and defining phase of our consulting services. We indulge with our customers to understand their Vision, Objectives and Core requirements. This helps us to identify gaps and customise our possible future offerings.


First part of this phase gets exclusively executed by Synodica experts based on the understanding from the previous phase. During the second part, we conclude this phase by narrating our understanding to customers. If needed, we fine tune our initial understanding based on discussion with customers.


During this phase we initiate granulating top level requirements and map them against the customer's objectives. Such granularity would help us (and our customers !!) to analyse gaps between initially defined requirements and objectives.


During this phase we quantify our analysis and derive numbers which better represent the current scenario. We normally derive the following statistics from our analysis.

  • % coverage of objectives against core requirements
  • 360 Degree Gap analysis results
  • What’s next to fill up the Gap
  • Provisional report on overall effort and cost needed


This is normally the last phase of our consulting services, where we unite again with our customer to explain our analysis from earlier phases. We also take this opportunity to present our wide range of offerings to enable our customers to make better decision making.


While this phase is not directly part of our Consulting Services, customers can rely on us to make us their development partner. We believe that our involvement during the Consulting phase gives us an edge over other partners to best implement requirements.

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