Odoo Advanced Search | Odoo list view manager

You will be able to filter quickly and easily on list/tree views using this application.

Odoo Advanced Search is a powerful search app that is developed by Synodica Solutions. It provides advanced search capabilities for Odoo users, enabling them to search through vast amounts of data in an easy and efficient manner in list view. This tool makes it easy for businesses to quickly find the information they need, reducing the time and effort required to search for relevant data.

Based on the Odoo framework, the Odoo Advanced Search tool is fully integrated and easy to use across all list views. With its simple and intuitive interface, users are able to search through data quickly and easily without the need for extensive training.

Another key feature of the Odoo Advanced Search tool is its ability to search by date ranges. This makes it easy to find exactly what they are looking for. The tool also supports Boolean search, relational fields (M2O).

In conclusion, the Odoo Advanced Search tool developed by Synodica Solutions is a powerful and highly flexible search engine. It provides businesses with a fast and effective way to search through large amounts of data. With its advanced search capabilities and customizable functionality, the Odoo Advanced Search tool is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. This is because the tool is looking to streamline their search process into a list view and improve efficiency.

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Or buy from: https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/15.0/odoo_advance_search

Odoo Advanced Search | Odoo list view manager
Nikunj Antala 11 February, 2023
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